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 Thinner by Stephen King

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Thinner by Stephen King Empty
PostSubject: Thinner by Stephen King   Thinner by Stephen King EmptySat May 19, 2007 11:20 pm

Reposted For Hayz

"First published under the name of his alter ego, Richard Bachman, "Thinner" is one of Stephen King's best books. More than anything else it is a psychological study, exploring the lengths that a man's mind can go to alter what happens to his body. The story of Billy Halleck whose life is irrevocably set on a course of destruction by a single-worded curse by an old gypsy woman who he bumps into on the street, "Thinner" is fascinating and scary as all get out. The final scene of the book is one of the most frightening endings one is likely to encounter."
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Thinner by Stephen King
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