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 The Obvious:Everything You Need To Know To Succeed by J.Dale

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PostSubject: The Obvious:Everything You Need To Know To Succeed by J.Dale   Sun May 20, 2007 10:38 am

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The secrets to success in business aren't secrets at all. They are simple and obvious, but we overlook them. This life-changing book offers the short-cut road to success - in business and beyond giving digestible and effective advice that actually works, served up with inspirational anecdotes in a humorous style. 'The Obvious' is a refreshingly simple and original business book. Business guru James Dale shows how the principles, values, and strategies that make businesses successful are those simple ideas that apply to life. Listening opens up worlds to you, paying attention puts you at an advantage over people who don't even show up, and telling the truth beats lying ten times out of ten. Try the simple - it's almost always more effective than the complicated. You'll find this book not only a sharp, cut-to-the-chase career book, but also an handbook of engaging wisdom that will bring you fast solutions to problems in any area of your life. 'The Obvious' reveals the eight core lessons you need to remember - each full of humour and fascinating anecdotes about the world's most successful movers and shakers. You'll find compelling real-life examples of the 'simple=success' formula from companies such as Apple and IBM, Ikea and Starbucks, as well as innovative people from Thomas Edison and Bill Gates, to Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg. Some 'Obvious' life-lessons that work: / Simple is Better Than Complicated - ask if you don't know; shut up and listen; be nice - it gets results. / Be Honest - the truth is powerful; apologies work; an excuse is not a reason; take responsibility - 'I will do it' gets you noticed. / Open Your Mind - failure is a good teacher; bosses are not all idiots - learn from them. / Energy Gives You the Edge - patience is a virtue; so is impatience; 'Do it today' - the key to effectiveness. Readable, fast-paced and entertaining, 'The Obvious' is for anyone's business bookshelf, from the CEO to the postroom, HR director to the entire sales force - or anyone wanting to be successful in life.

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The Obvious:Everything You Need To Know To Succeed by J.Dale
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