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 Decision Made by Jane

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Decision Made by Jane Empty
PostSubject: Decision Made by Jane   Decision Made by Jane EmptySun May 20, 2007 11:24 pm

Sarah stood at the window, it was snowing. She watched the large flakes fall
and land softly on to the garden. She was in a dilemma, and hadn’t a clue as
to what to do!
With a deep sigh she went over to her wardrobe to choose her outfit,
deciding on jeans and her favourite t-shirt, she showered and dressed.

She was on her second cup of coffee when the phone rang, “Sarah? It’s me
Cathy.” Cathy was Sarah’s best friend; they had known each other since their
early school days and had always been there for each other through thick and
thin! This particular predicament of Sarah’s was no exception.
“Hi Cathy.” Sarah answered gloomily.
“Ahhh, by the tone of your voice I see no decision has been made yet then?”
“Nope…still trying to get my head round it!”
“What’s there to get your head round Sarah? You either want to or you don’t!
Sarah smiled to herself; Cathy always managed to make things sound so easy,
she was able to decide on matters in an instant.
“Easy for you to say Cathy! Part of me wants to so much, but the other part
of me is screaming….no! Don’t do it!”
“Sarah you are making a mountain out of a molehill sweetie”
“You think?”
“Yes…I do! Listen I have to go, kids are running riot, I’ll talk to you
later ok?”
“Ok, thanks for ringing Cathy”
“No problem, bye”

Sarah knew that Cathy was right; she knew it was a simple enough decision to
make….so why couldn’t she decide?
As she had a day off from work Sarah caught up on her housework. Looking
around her flat she smiled with satisfaction, she worked hard for this flat,
saved every spare penny she had while she was still living at home with her
parents. On the day she viewed the flat she knew it was the one for her! She
knew she was lucky to have it, it was a ground floor flat, spacious,
beautifully and tastefully decorated, everywhere neat and tidy, not a thing
out of place! She had her own garden too, not shared as it was with other
flats she had viewed. Not a big garden but big enough for her needs.

Sighing again, Sarah knew that if she went a certain way with a decision,
she would never view the flat the same way again! Would she be able to cope
with that?

At 1pm Sarah’s boyfriend of three years, Adam, came round to collect her.
They were going out for lunch at their favourite pub. “So” said Adam as he
sat down at the kitchen table, “have we made the big decision yet?” He was
smiling as he spoke. Sarah cast a glance at him, “No” she replied.
“Awww come on Sarah…it would be fun!”
“ Fun for you maybe!”
Adam went over and wrapped Sarah up in his arms and laughed “Why are you
making such a big thing out of this love?”
“It’s a responsibility….that’s why!”
“Would it help if you took another look?” Adam asked her.
Sarah shrugged “Maybe” she replied.
“Ok, after we’ve had lunch that’s what we’ll do ok?”
Sarah just nodded, she wasn’t really sure if it would help, but she decided
it wouldn’t hurt either.

Over lunch Sarah and Adam talked about normal day to day stuff, but also
about their future, just lately they had been doing that a lot. Sarah knew
he was the one for her and felt it was just a matter of time before they
would live together….and that would be at her flat as Adam shared with two
other guys. While they were eating and talking at the back of her mind
was….the decision! Why is this so hard?? She thought to herself!

Meal over, they made their way to Cathy’s house. Sarah knocked on the door
and went in. “Hi….it’s only us” she called out.
Cathy came to greet them with a huge smile on her face “Does this mean…….”
She let the question fade.
Sarah jumped in quickly, “Not yet…but could I just take another look?”
“Of course you can….you know where it is, go ahead” Cathy replied with a
knowing look at Adam “I’ll pop the kettle on” she added.

Sarah and Adam want through to the utility room, looked down and there it
was……the last one, the one that nobody seem to want, the smallest one!
In an instant Sarah decided, she looked at Adam and smiled, “Ok,” she said
“Let’s do it”
Adam grinned in sheer delight. “Great!”

Cathy came into the room “Well?” she asked. Sarah bent down and picked up
the little ball of golden fur, so tiny she was scared of hurting it, she
looked into a pair of the biggest brown eyes that she had ever seen and her
heart melted.
“We’ll take her, she is just the cutest puppy I have ever seen…..Decision

Written By JANE
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Decision Made by Jane
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