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 Nightmare In The Jungle by Julie

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Nightmare In The Jungle by Julie Empty
PostSubject: Nightmare In The Jungle by Julie   Nightmare In The Jungle by Julie EmptySun May 20, 2007 11:24 pm

Written BY Juliezx1

The sun was already high in the sky; I knew it was time to get moving.So I wearily started to trudge through the dense undergrowth. It seemed like hours passed by as armed with only a rusty old knife I hacked my way through the dense overgrown jungle, but I darenít stop.The sun burned down on my back and every muscle was screaming. I felt the sweat trickling down my neck and I was so thirsty but knew I must ration the little water I had left in my bottle.
Insects buzzed around me and I had been bitten quite badly, I ignored the pain and carried on hacking and cutting down everything in my path.At times I felt like giving up but knew if I did I would never reach the end. Never see my family again and I couldnít bear the thought that they would never find me, and always wonder what had happened to me.Would my body ever be found in this god forsaken place?
At times I would find things, I always felt I had seen these things before somewhere, my mind must be playing tricks on me by now and I had to get out of the sun. I sat down to massage some life into my aching muscles and drank the last of my water. My mind wandered and I thought back to how I had got myself in this predicament. Last year I just never got around to anything, kept putting everything off, especially the gardening. So today I have just had to sort the garden out once and for all. I have nearly finished now and it looks allot better. In future I will do it regularly, or maybe hire a gardener.
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Nightmare In The Jungle by Julie
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